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Attractions in Nong Khai Province

Below is a list of attractions in Nong Khai province. You can click on an attraction or use the menu on the left for more detailed information and images.

This section of the site is still under development and further attractions will be added to the list shortly. This page was last updated on 23rd March 2009. Also note that by the end of April 2009, there will be links to all of these attractions on a printable map.

If you know of an attraction in Nong Khai which is not currently listed, please contact us.

District Attraction
Mueang Nong Khai Tha Sadet Market - The Indochina Market
A large covered market running along side the Mekong River selling goods imported from throughout the Indochina region and beyond.
Mueang Nong Khai Sala_Kaeo_Ku - The Sculpture Park
A unique and spectacular temple complex containing over 100 giant scultures, some over 25m tall, depicting icons of all major religions.
Mueang Nong Khai Friendship Bridge
The main border crossing point joining Thailand to Laos.
Mueang Nong Khai Wat Pho Chai
Nong Khai's most important temple, containing the Luangpho Phra Sai - a revered image of the Buddha cast from gold.
Mueang Nong Khai Phra That Nong Khai - The Sunken Pagoda
The remains of a chedi which fell into the river in 1849 as a result of river bank errosion. Now only visible in the dry season, in the middle of the river.
Mueang Nong Khai Phra That Bang Phuan
One of the most sacred sites in the Isaan Region, in the North-East of Thailand, not least because this ancient pagoda is said to contain some of the Lord Buddha's bones.
Mueang Nong Khai Jom Manee Beach
Yes, Nong Khai has a beach! You'll find it 2km west of town, beneath the Friendship Bridge between January and June.
Mueang Nong Khai Prap Ho Monument
Located in front of the old city hall, the Prap Ho monument is a memorial to those who fell during the Hau rebellion, and in fact contains their cremated bones.
Tha Bo Luang Pho Ong Tue
Located in Wat Si Chomphu Ong Tue in Ban Nam Mong village, 43km from Nong Khai, Luang Pho Ong Tue is the largest image of the Buddha in Nong Khai Province. Standing at 4 metres tall, it is believed to date from 1562 and is cast from an alloy of Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Tha Bo Tobacco Making Village
The villagers have tobacco plantations on the fertile plains next to the Mekong river. After harvesting, the tobacco is sun dried on bamboo racks. An ideal place for a days cycling, you'll find beautiful scenery, and see the traditional way of farming used.
Udon Thani Province Phu Phrabat Historical Park
The Phu Phrabat Historical Park is an unusual site consisting of a number of strange natural rock formations which were created millions of years ago by glacial errossion. People lived at the site during a prehistoric age 3,000 - 2,500 years ago, using the rockformations as shelters. There are a large number of ancient rock paintings of the same period throughout the site.
Udon Thani Province Phra Buddha Bat Bua Bok
The site contains the 'Bua Bok Buddha Footprint' which is around 1.5 meters long, housed in the main chedi on the site. However, the park surrounding the site also contains a number of interesting rock formations and caves. There are also a number of other temple buildings, and Buddhist icons troughout the park.